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As a blogger, it was so fun to see YOUR favorite blog posts of 2021! Everything from home decor styling to DIY to easy recipes! Check it all out here!  Make sure to read to the end for the top ten favorite posts from some of MY favorite home bloggers too!

I was so excited to put this blog post together because, especially completing my first year as a home blogger, I was so curious to know what your top favorite posts might be!  If you’ve been reading for awhile, you’ll have to comment and tell me if YOUR favorite was included or not?

Anyway, it was exciting to round up this list of the Top Ten Reader Favorites for 2021.  You all have a wide range of interests, from home decor and DIY to styling tips to organization and recipes!  There’s a little of everything here and to be honest, that made me really happy.  It is satisfying to know that you’re enjoying what I’m sharing!

Make sure you read all the way to the end to see the Top Ten Reader Favorites from KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms, Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home, Courtney from French Country Cottage, and Janine from Happy Happy Nester.  Truly, these are some of my favorite bloggers and some that I subscribe to because I don’t want to miss any of their inspiration!

I am excited to see that some of my favorite posts made their top ten lists too!


I love that these 3 easy steps for creating gallery walls made your top ten list!  Gallery walls are one of my favorite things to create in my home decor; it’s like a big art canvas, waiting to be filled.  But that can feel a little intimidating too.

I hope this post gives you a jumping off point for creating a gallery wall that is not only a statement piece for your home, but helps tell your home decor story too!


I was also super excited to find that my Christmas 2021 home tour made the top ten list!  Home tours are so fun to create and I know I love reading them from my favorite bloggers too.  It helps all of the home decor pieces come together when you can see the big picture!

You can find some other home tours I’ve created below:



This dough bowl styling blog post was super fun to create and I loved hearing how it inspired so many of you, both on the blog and on Instagram!

You can catch a video version of the blog post HEREI shared all the step-by-step details of creating three different 3-minute style dough bowls.  On the blog, you can see the really detailed process to help you easily recreate these looks!

Dough bowls are so fun to style, no matter the season!  Stay tuned for some winter dough bowl styling coming up soon!  Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that highly requested post too!


I would almost always tell you that Christmas is my very favorite season to decorate for.  And don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it in 2021 too.  But this year, for some reason, I think I enjoyed my fall home decor most of all!

It felt like the home decor story I wanted to tell just fell together very naturally and it was so fun to share that home tour, along with some decorating and styling tips, on this blog post!  I loved that you all loved it so much too!  It’s always a treat to know that the words and pictures in these posts spark some inspiration that helps you enjoy your own home a little more too!


Cloches are one of my other favorite things to style in my home decor.  Whether a single cloche or a grouping of cloches, like I did here for the fall, they can really turn simple, ordinary decor into statement pieces!

While this blog post shows you a lot of detail and the step-by-step process, you can also find a video version HERE!  I think it’s helpful to both read, see pictures, and then see it all in action!

I hope this inspires your cloche styling or if you don’t have a cloche, to be on the hunt for one!  They are so fun to decorate with!


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that kitchen organization made the top ten reader favorites list.  I actually don’t know a single person who doesn’t love to have their kitchen organized!

But I know that with 3 kids (and a husband) and a fairly busy lifestyle, it can become unorganized way too quickly.

And to be honest, I love an organized space but the process is not my favorite job.  I’d much rather do the the home decor part!

I am taking a wild guess that since this post is all about quick and easy ways to organize your kitchen, many of you would rather just get the job done and over with too!  Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration to pull the string and get started!

I hope this post gives you just that little boost that you need!  It feels so good to start the New Year with clean, well-organized spaces!


While a post on organization wasn’t a surprise for your top ten list, I wasn’t really expecting “Three Things to NOT Do for Christmas Decor” to pop up!  See why it’s so fun to figure out the favorites?!

I do love this post though, because I think there are a lot of myths about home decor in general.  Maybe my next home decor blogging series can be called “Myth-busters”.  Haha!

Seriously, though, even though this post is about Christmas decor, I think there is some really good stuff to remember no matter the season! I hope you’ll check it out and see how some of the decor concepts can apply in this next season too!


Now this is another fun one and I love that it made your top ten favorite posts!  I know many of you absolutely love going thrifting and vintage hunting with me virtually, so we have some fun trips planned for 2022!  I can hardly wait!

This post includes 7 things that are always on my hunting list when I’m thrifting!  Though it’s specific to fall, I look for these things year round and many of them are things I use for other seasons too!

You can catch some other home decor vintage hunting and thrifting posts HERE and HERE!

January is one of the best thrifting months…who’s ready?!


I’ll be honest, this made me laugh!  I am not a bad cook (I don’t think!).  In fact, my family seems to like what I cook.  But if you’re looking for fancy recipes and gourmet style, I’m not the food blogger!

Apparently you all like easy recipes for simple living too, because this post with our family’s favorite crockpot recipes blew me away!  I couldn’t believe the number of messages and DM’s I received of how you tried the different recipes and loved them!

In case you missed it, here are our family’s 3 favorite crockpot meals.  Perfect for busy days and lazy winter nights.  You’re welcome!


Without a doubt, this is my most-asked question across any of my social platforms (and in-person conversation as well).  It’s a fair question:

“Where do you keep all of that home decor?”

Here is the real truth, all detailed for you in one community-favorite blog post from Robyn’s French Nest in 2021.  Drum roll, please……

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Top Ten Reader Favorite blog posts as much as I have!  As a first-year blogger, it’s actually incredibly helpful to see what has been the most helpful and enjoyed by all of you!

Would you be willing to do me a favor?  I’d love if you would drop a note in the comments with ideas that you would love to see here on my blog for 2022!  This is a fun space but it also makes me really happy when it’s a helpful space too!

Make sure you don’t miss the Top Ten Reader Favorites from KariAnne, Leslie, Courtney, and Janine as well.  There is just so much home decor inspiration, along with DIY, recipes, organizing, lifestyle, and so much more.  These are all great blogs to subscribe to so that you don’t miss anything they share.  I know 2022 will be even more amazing!

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