Decorating for Easter with Neutrals

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Surely you know me well enough by now to know that I love seasonal décor…and yet, I approach it a little differently!  You aren’t likely to find me buying a cart full of décor for spring, or for any season, really.  I tend to use the same items for many years, styling them a little differently as my tastes evolve, but always sticking with seasonal basics.

While Easter décor can be bright, playful, and oh-so-cheerful, I prefer a softer approach to the season.

Now, this isn’t to say that a kids’ Easter party won’t be full of color…it always is!  I actually love decorating for kids’ parties and our sweet Addy’s 1st birthday was all Peter Rabbit!  She was born on Good Friday and her nursery was decorated in bunnies.  So I have a really soft spot for all the fun color of the kids décor!

I’ll save that for another post, but here is a glimpse of the sweetest birthday party!  It was definitely my favorite that I’ve ever done!

Back to home décor…if we must.  I could really get stuck on my children’s baby pictures though!

For our home, I love to stick with neutrals.  For a holiday like Easter, that could sound boring to some, I suppose, but I love how a neutral palette allows me to bring in a pop of color in a spring bouquet or pulling out colorful napkins for an Easter tablescape.

Neutrals are far from boring, if done well, and I love a good challenge!

Here are my must-haves for neutral spring décor:

Plants, Plants, Plants!


I would love to say that I have lots of advice for houseplants, tips and tricks for their best care, and guidance on what to get.  However, I do not!  I’m a novice at plants.  I just know I love having them and use them in almost every room.  We do have a few places that don’t get enough natural lighting, and I use faux plants in those spaces. 

I will say, however, that over the past year, I have kept more real plants alive than ever before.  So maybe there is hope for my black thumb after all!

I am a big fan of mixing fresh and faux plants as well!  In fact, this entire cabinet is styled with a mix of the two!  Good, realistic faux plants are totally acceptable, in my book, and worth the investment.

Décor wise, I love how a plant brings life and movement to a space.  As much as possible, and for any season, I like to bring in elements found in nature.  Plants are a great way to do that! 

I also love that plants are relatively inexpensive.  You can get some great little starter plants for under $4 and add them to every vignette.  After doing that for a couple of years, I now have some that have grown significantly larger and they add so much to our home’s décor!

Architectural Salvage


There is something about those chippy, worn pieces that make me feel like they could have been part of a garden shed long ago.  We can pretend, right??  I do love especially chippy patina to add to my spring décor.  It helps keep all of the décor from looking too new, too “store-bought”, if you will!

Architectural salvage also gives you some great opportunities for displaying spring elements, such as plants, bunny statues, and garden accessories.  There is something about a bunny sitting on a chippy board or a plant tucked into a column base that makes it feel unique…even if it’s the same bunny that everyone has from the same big-box store! 

Architectural salvage adds a one-of-a-kind element to your décor, not to mention charm and character!

Some of my favorite architectural décor pieces that I’m always hunting for are: (hyperlink each)

Terra Cotta Pots

Remember my love for Peter Rabbit?  There is always a touch of that garden look that I love to sprinkle into my home décor.  Terra cotta pots can be used for so many things and in so many fun ways.  Last year, I used terra cotta pots to make edible arrangements for all of my place settings for Easter

I love to stack them, lay them, and layer them into vignettes.  You don’t have to fill them with anything, just give them a layered look and play around with it until you get the style you want.  I really love to use the terra cotta trays in my spring décor, as well.  They make a fun base for all of those spring vignettes!

You can always make a plant look more inviting by adding it to a terra cotta pot, and the more patina, the better!  I always watch for these at thrift stores and flea markets…that’s where the best ones come from because they’ve been aging in old gardens for years!



Because, really, can you even decorate for Easter without a bunny?

I have been using the same bunnies to decorate for years!  I love using neutral ones, in white or gray tones.  Once you’ve collected a variety of bunnies that you love, you’re really set.  They are timeless and you can use them for years to come. 

Little bunnies are perfect to add under a cloche, tuck into a bookshelf or cubby, or sprinkle through a tablescape centerpiece.  I like to use large ones to make a statement on a buffet/console or even my kitchen island!  You really can’t go wrong with a big bunny in the middle of the table either!

I did add a special brass one from the flea market this year!  True story: I got it for my girls’ room, didn’t end up using it, so I sold it to a vendor friend.  I regretted that so much that I ended up buying it back from her at a market!  Ha!  So, I guess this brass one is a keeper!

Most of the bunnies I have are ones that I’ve had for a long time, but I’ll link up some I found with a similar look. 

Vintage Containers


There are some really great pots, planters, crates, and containers out there that have a vintage look to them.  But you know how much I love a good vintage or antique find!  I am always building my collection of trays, baskets, pots, crates, urns, and containers that have good patina, chippy texture, old, worn wood, and features that help our home feel curated over time.

Just as with architectural salvage, vintage containers add so much charm and character to your space.  A bright vase of spring flowers, added to a vintage vase or jar, makes my heart happy!  Plants take on so much charm when added to vintage ironstone or an old bucket.  You can use vintage crates and trays as a base for your vignette and even if everything in the vignette is “new”, it will still take on those vintage vibes.

I like to use vintage containers for practical solutions as well.  You’ll find old baskets and cubbies all throughout our home, organizing and storing our everyday items!

This time of year, I especially love to pull out vintage containers with white tones.  Ironstone, old urns, and painted buckets add a bright and fresh look!  I also love to use light wood tones with baskets and bread boards.  They bring warmth, but in a light and bright way.  I feel like they also add some of those garden vibes, which is perfect for spring!

As with any season, you’ll recognize many of these pieces photographed for this blog post.  I use them year-round, in every room of the house, for many different purposes.  I think that’s what makes a piece wonderful and worth the investment! 

I hope you’re inspired to shop your home, maybe add one or two versatile pieces to your collection, and get your home set for the Easter season!




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