7 Simple Fall Entryway Decor Ideas for Your Home

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Create a welcoming and cozy home, starting with the front door, using these 7 simple fall entryway decor ideas!  Keep reading to see my 7 “must-haves” for my entryway fall home decor!

To me, fall decor is as much about creating a feeling as it is about the actual home decor accessories and style.  Fall home decor should invite first my family, and then my guests, into a space that is welcoming and cozy.  A space that feels curated over time and tells our home story.

When I think of fall entryway decor ideas, I immediately start thinking of things that will help create that feeling while also looking beautiful!  If you knocked on my front door today, I  hope that from the second you walked up to the door, you would know this is a loving, cozy, inviting place to be.

How do you make a stunning entryway?

I believe that. a home is most stunning when it feels the most inviting.  And it begins right at the front door!  So, let’s get started with the basics and you can fill in the spaces with the pieces that best help you tell your own home decor story!

What looks good in an entryway?

Even though every entryway is a little different, there are some basic fall entryway decor ideas that I think help create a really cozy and welcoming space for your family and friends.

7 Simple Fall Entryway Decor Ideas for Your Home

1: How do I decorate my front door in the fall?

It all begins at the front door!  Even if you have a small porch (or maybe no porch at all), you can still create a welcoming look by hanging a fall home decor accessory on your front door.  I really love to use either a wreath or basket, filled with seasonal stems.

First, start with a great wreath hanger!  If you prefer, command hooks also work great.  I love to use a wreath hanger that complements the style and design of our home.  This one has worked great for me for several years now.  I also love the adjustable style of THIS wreath hanger, and it comes in a lot of different finishes to coordinate with your door handles.

Next, add a pretty wreath or basket filled with fall stems.  I am using the same wreaths that I’ve had for a couple of years now because they have held up great and I still love them!  You can find a similar one HERE!  I also love the soft colors and unique style of THIS one!

If you want to add some extra texture, try a basket!  You can see how I made pretty door baskets in 3 easy steps over on THIS POST; just substitute THESE stems instead!

#2: Consider your furniture needs with your fall entryway decor ideas

Whether you have a large entryway with a pretty table and room for a bench or chairs, or whether your entryway is a small bench by the front door, your furniture choices make a statement!

In all actuality, our formal entryway is really more for looks than anything.  It’s so tiny that guests are really forced to go right into the family room or left into the music room quite quickly!  However, I still want it to tell a story of a curated, lived-in, cozy home.

If possible, include a bench or chair in your entryway.  While we don’t usually actually sit on the chippy white thrifted bench in our small entryway, we could if we needed to!  A bench or chair invites a family member or guest to come on in and take a break!

Tip: Add some simple decoration to your bench or chair to avoid having it become a catch all!

Even if it is just a simple throw pillow or fall scarf tossed over the seat, it is still usable yet less likely to become the drop zone!  After all, we are going for pretty and welcoming fall entryway decor ideas here, not the mudroom!

#3: Use fall stems for a seasonal touch in your entryway

Nothing is more welcoming than a pretty bouquet or plant and your fall entryway decor ideas should include thoughtful, seasonal touches too!  To go with my vintage style, I added an old, rusty metal urn (I love the rust color for fall) and a free branch from the side of the road!  You can’t beat free decor, right?!

You can find more free fall decor ideas that I use every year over on THIS POST!

Baskets, planters, and large vessels are all great opportunities to include a seasonal look with your fall entryway decor ideas.  You can also add lots of texture with these pieces, as well as introduce guests to the overall style of your home decor.

Even in a small entryway space, you can tuck in a narrow basket with some tall stems for fall decorating!  This will give some life to the space, as well as softening the lines for a more inviting look.

Here are some tall fall stems to add to your fall entryway decor ideas:

#4: What should I hang in my entryway?

Use seasonal art to make a statement in your fall entryway decor ideas!

Since my entryway is so tiny, I tried to be creative with the vertical space.  This narrow seed cabinet tucks into the space perfectly and still allows room for a little bench.  I love to layer some seasonal art with vintage mirrors at the top of the seed cabinet.  If you have shelves, you can even layer art on the shelves for fall decorating too!

If you have a wall space over a bench or entryway table, mirrors and art can be great to work into your fall entryway decor ideas too.  I especially love the look of tall fall stems reflected in a pretty mirror!

#5: Incorporate textiles into your fall entryway decor ideas!

One of the easiest ways to add a little touch of fall color to any space is fabric and textile accents!  If you use a bench or chair in your home entryway, it’s so simple to tuck in a cute fall throw pillow!

You can also use a throw pillow to help tie your entryway fall decor in with the rest of your fall home decorating too.  For example, consider a throw pillow with complimentary color, pattern, or style to the adjacent room.

Scarves or small throw blankets are also great accents for a fall entryway.  Since an entryway is not a place where you would naturally need a big throw blanket, I love the idea of using an oversized scarf or small throw instead.

Throw pillows, scarves, and small throw blankets are also really budget-friendly ways to accent your entryway for fall decorating.  In fact, you can likely transform the entire entryway by simply adding one or two of them and replacing greenery stems with fall stems.  

So simple!

#6: Add a couple of everyday items to give your fall entryway decor a “lived-in” look!

Fall is the perfect season to pull out your favorite boots, a cute hat, or a colorful scarf and incorporate them into your fall entryway decor ideas.  They can add a really cute look to your space while also being readily available, convenient, and easy to grab on your way out of the door too!

Try tucking a pair of boots at the end of a bench or “tossing” a cute felt hat onto a chair.  It doesn’t take much (because I definitely don’t want a cluttered look), but it does give a casual appearance that just feels right in the fall!

Tip: Study the living spaces in a fall magazine.  You’ll often see items like boots, hats, and scarves casually incorporated for seasonal color and style.  At the same time, they help a space have a lived-in look while still being tidy and pretty!

Here are a few easy ideas!

Tip: Over on THIS POST, you can see how I used a fall scarf in dough bowl styling too!

#7: You can’t really have fall decor without some pumpkins or gourds, right?!

One of the things I love most about fall decorating is that you can make an entire space look ready for fall by simply adding a pretty pumpkin or two to your regular decor!  I love getting some real pumpkins and placing them around our home for some fall color, texture, and plain fun!

Dried gourds are also a great option.  One of the great things about dried gourds is that you can use them year after year, so I actually use them more than pumpkins!  I love that I still get the natural, organic look for fall decor.  At the same time, I don’t have to re-purchase them every year.

In fact, I wrote an entire blog post about dried gourds because I love them soooo much!  You can find all of my favorite ways to decorate and style with them over on THIS POST.

In my entryway, I added a few of these cute little concrete pumpkins (find my DIY HERE for similar ones) and a basket of dried gourds. I love how they instantly add the fall vibes, yet blend perfectly with the overall neutral look of my regular home decor too.

Here are a few favorites for some fall decor home accents:

How can I decorate my entryway for fall?

The key is to keep it simple, add key pieces for color, pattern, and texture, and keep the overall look casual and inviting!

I always recommend bringing the outdoors in whenever possible, so real pumpkins, dried gourds, cut branches from your yard, or realistic faux stems can all give a seasonal touch while also bringing life to even a small entryway!

Most of all, have fun creating an entryway space with your fall decor ideas.  Make it a space that reflects what is welcoming, inviting, and cozy to you and your family!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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